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Individual (1-on-1) Workshops, 3-4 hours:

As with the group workshops I’ll send out a questionnaire after booking to discover more about where you would like to improve most and create a solid framework for the workshop based on your feedback.
Individual (1-on-1) Workshops, 3-4 hours:

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Location is TBD

About the Event

First 30 minutes (on-site) - Introduction/Discovery

⁃ How can we best utilize our time to provide the most value for you?

⁃ Provide a brief and somewhat flexible framework for the rest of the session

1.5-2 hours (on-site) - Real World Application

⁃ What are my recommended settings based on the environment and

present conditions? We will explore compositional techniques and other

practical habits to get the most out of your camera while telling the story of

your creative vision.

⁃ I will give you an in-depth look into the way I study my environment and

how I plan to capture the best image.

⁃ There will always be an emphasis on practice makes perfect! The more we

put the things we are learning into our routine the more efficiently we can

work in the field to create the story we want to tell. Muscle memory is key!

1-on-1 hour (Zoom or Google Hangouts) - Post-processing flow

⁃ I will walk you through my editing workflow and give you several tips to

ensure your images look as professional and eye-popping as possible.

⁃ I will help you become more skilled at recognizing the contrast between

beginner-level and pro-level work.

⁃ I will teach you to begin creating your own unique style in your images.

⁃ I will perform an in-depth analysis of your image; what areas I think you’re

excelling and I’ll offer my suggestions of where improvement can be made

(this is always subjective).

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